Art Show Fri Oct 8

I will have 3 new paintings in the Studio 818 3rd Anniversary group exhibition.
This show features 3 original works by each artist created within the last year.

Featured Artists:
Douglas Max Utter, Rebecca Yody, Liz Maugans, Scott Pickering, Bryon Miller, Dan Miller, Shawn Mishal, Barbara Merritt, Hadley Conner, Sm Vickers, Doug Hamann, Patty Flauto, J. Satterfield, Randy Norfus, John Stile, Joan of Art, David Louis Cintron, June Hund, Anthony Van Rooy

Opening Reception: Fri. Oct. 8, 2021 (up through Nov. 13, 2021)
Studio 818
Jefferson Ave.
Cleveland, OH (Tremont)

My included works:

Title: Nautical Arcana
Dimensions: 10”x10”
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Price: contact

Title: The Crow Knows
Dimensions: 12”x12”
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Price: contact

Title: Kinesis
Dimensions: 10”x10”
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Price: contact



Art featured in REVERIES & RELEVANCE Issue I

David Louis Cintron is featured in REVERIES & RELEVANCE Issue I. This is a new quarterly publication with articles on life experiences, enjoying the positive, dealing with the negative, art, history and more.

Check it out here

Artist Spotlight

I am grateful to the Julia de Burgos Cultural Arts Center for featuring me this week in their Artist Spotlight. Read More


I have teamed up with Calimucho, a custom screen printing shop in San Pedro, California, to create this limited edition t-shirt for their TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER fundraising campaign.

TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER is a collaborative project to support small businesses & independent artists. I am excited and thankful to have been selected to be a part of this fundraiser.

The proceeds of my TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER T-shirt will help me to cover my studio rent in the coming months.

David Louis Cintron’s “Courage” t-shirt is on sale until June 9, 2021. Order yours here.

Thank you!



David Cintron – Leroy Rides Again

Released May 7, 2021. A continuation of the shorter instrumental pieces that were found on last year’s Leroy Tick E.P..

Get David Cintron – Leroy Rides Again

Ornament Auction

The result of a walk on the beach last week. Beach Creature – small pieces of driftwood were assembled into the shape of this guy, and then painted. None of the pieces were cut or altered in any way. This was created as a Christmas Ornament for the Waterloo Arts “ Art of the Ornament” benefit auction.

Photos by Breanna Kulkin.

Seratus Ribu Mix:86

Along with doing all of the artwork for this mix series, I was invited by the Indonesian label, 100.000 (aka Seratus Ribu), to curate one of their Mixcloud mixes. It is streaming now for your pleasure. Enjoy.

Listen Now

David Cintron – Leroy Tick e.p.

The first release of David Cintron solo music since the “No On” full length (Best Experimental Music on Bandcamp: May 2019.) While “No On” explores slow building soundscapes, The “Leroy Tick e.p.” is mainly focused on more tightly structured shorter instrumental pieces.

Get David Cintron – Leroy Tick e.p.

Get David Cintron – No On

2020Vision Art Show

2020Vision Art Show guidelines and reservations

I have 2 pieces in this upcoming group show in Cleveland. Please see the detailed show information regarding Covid guidelines and reservation information.

Sun Sept 13 Featured Artist Sale

I will be the featured artist at Fat Cats in Tremont (Cleveland). From 11am – 2pm, I will have paintings, prints and drawings for sale outside.

Fat Cats Sunday Side Porch Featured Artist