Tangents Art Opening Thursday Nov 2, 2023

Tangents: Abstract and Geometric Art in Northeast Ohio
curated by Jenniffer Omaitz

Ed Raffel, Natalie Lanese, Gianna Commito, Susan Squires, Mark Keffer, Catherine Lentini, Andrew Reach, David Louis Cintron, and Mark Howard

Opening Reception:
Thursday November 2nd 5:30 – 8:00pm 

Location: Artist Archives of the Western Reserve
1834 East 123rd St., Cleveland Ohio 44106
AAWR phone: 216.721.9020

Dates: Nov 2 – Dec 16  

The art in Tangents: Abstract and Geometric Art in Northeast Ohio is a collection of work created by a group of diverse and prolific artists. They encode abstraction as a part of their artistic language. This includes forays into: color, optical interplay, mathematics, space, surface, texture, process, and the built environment. These artists are further unified by the use of non-representational forms that are powerful yet pragmatic upholding traditions of abstract art in the region.

Pictured above: David Louis Cintron, Regeneration, acrylic on canvas, 2023