100.000 (Seratus Ribu) mix series t-shirts


Since mid 2018, The Bandung, West Java based record label, 100.000 (Seratus Ribu), has been releasing a series of online “mix tapes”. Musicians, visual artists, activists, curators, archivists and other respected individuals are asked to curate mixes of their favorite music. Each series is a group of four unique mixes. Listen to the mixes.

I’ve been commissioned to provide the artwork for each series, and a limited run of t-shirts is printed in conjunction with them. There’s a small amount available for purchase below. These shirts were sewn and printed in Indonesia. Compared to U.S. sizes, they run about 1 size smaller. So, if you would normally order a “L”, then order an”XL” etc.

Price: $20.00 + shipping. Contact if interested.

Series #2 limited edition shirt

Series #3 limited edition shirt